jessicabiotech said: You're the best AI.


ridleykid666-deactivated2013112 said: Delta what happened to you when church into to save Tex?

I am sorry, I do not understand.

Anonymous said: Delta, can you answer questions like Caboose for all anons? It would help when some of us are really stoopid

I am sorry, you are going to have to elaborate.
I do not know how Caboose answers his questions.


As of this moment, this blog will be an ASK ONLY blog.

No RP will be on this blog.

If you like the RP, then you can follow this blog.

asksigma said: Shouldn't hurt each other.

I am sorry, Sigma.

asksigma said: He shouldn't have hurt him. Wouldn't have left if he hadn't hurt him. Why does he do that? Why does he hurt him all the time?

Omega needs an outlet for his rage.
Unfortunately, it seems, he has chosen Epsilon as that outlet.

asksigma said: /Sig shrugs/ He stayed here last night, to get away. To hide. Then Omega found out. And he left.

And look how distraught you are…

Omega and Epsilon have been running around together for months.
How do you think those two are?

No matter how angry Omega is, I doubt he’s capable of much right now.

asksigma said: I don't know! /wails/ He just left... He left.. and... and... now he's gone.. and.. it's... it's so empty. And if Omega finds him... /trails off/

Omega has been running around with Epsilon a lot lately…

How long have you been with Epsilon?

asksigma said: Epsilon. /cuddles the little white and grey kitten tighter/

I am sorry, I do not understand.
Where did he go?

asksigma said: He left. I'm so empty.

Who left?